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Furniture Raisers (Set of Eight)

Furniture Raisers (Set of Eight)


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Customizable bed risers system instantly creates additional under bed storage; ideal for all furniture types of homes and offices

  • Super solid bed and furniture riser can be altered with 2 height options - 9.5cm and 14cm 
  • Bed leg or caster fits securely and safely into the recess cup incorporated with the bed riser, can be conveniently utilized on any kind of bed; features a raised edge to keep the bedpost or caster safely set up
  • Made of heavy-duty unbreakable plastic; can handle even the heaviest furniture in your home
  • Bed riser may be stacked together when not being used to conserve space
  • Small risers measure 7.3 x 7.3 cm (inside dimension), 13 x 13 cm (at the base) and 9.5 cm tall
  • Larger risers measure 7.5 x 7.5 cm (inside dimension), 19 x 19 cm (at the base) and 14 cm tall

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