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Bizi Ball

Bizi Ball


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When closed, Bizi Ball looks like an ordinary ball, but when the four sections are pulled apart it comes alive with gentle tactile, visual and auditory stimulation.  It helps children work on coordinated movement and assists in learning the concept of cause and effect. Crinkle, chime and rattle sounds capture a child's attention, and the teething ring handle with its elastic tether adds extra fun.

Bizi Ball is full of surprises and loaded with stimulating features that encourage children with special needs to explore. Bizi Ball's gentle crinkle, chime and rattle sounds capture a child's attention, while the teething ring and its elastic tether is perfect for extra-added bouncy fun! Bizi Ball allows your child's imagination be their guide. The high-contrast colors are visually stimulating, even for children who are visually impaired.

Approximate size when closed is 18cm (7") in diameter.

Age suggestion 12 months - 5 years.

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