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CanDo® Twist-Bend-Shake® Exercisers - Heavy Blue

CanDo® Twist-Bend-Shake® Exercisers - Heavy Blue


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CanDo® Twist-Bend-Shake® Exercisers is suitable for bending, twisting and oscillating movements.  24" long

The CanDo® Twist-Bend-Shake® bar is a versatile exercise product.  It can be used to perform three distinct forms of exercise.

TWIST: Place both hands on the bar and twist the bar by flexing one wrist and extending the other.
BEND: Place both hands on or near the ends of the bar, and keep your hands in position...Show more while exerting force to bend the bar that will flex the bar in the middle.
SHAKE: Place one or two hands at one end of the bar and shake (push, pull, or rotate) the bar which will cause the bar to flex. The resistance needed to control the bar increases as the amount of flexion increases.

For all exercises, resistance can be changed by changing the distance between the hands and/or by changing to a different resistance bar.

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