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Clear Acrylic 5" (12" wide) Slant Board

Clear Acrylic 5" (12" wide) Slant Board


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Slant Boards are ergonomically friendly and are designed to encourage correct posture and wrist position for writing. Constructed of clear acrylic this slant board is an unobtrusive addition to the classroom. 

When using this 5" slant board gravity assists the downward movement of the pencil. This visually unobstrusive slant board is approximately 12" wide and 13" deep. Slant boards reduce back, neck, arm and eye fatigue. This allows for longer periods of learning or work. Use of a slanr board also reduces visual shift from desktop to blackboard.

Slant boards can be found in use at schools, special education and business offices everywhere.

Click here for a video on how to use these slant boards; the last 7.5 minutes refer to the slant boards.

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