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Clear Acrylic Adjustable Slant Board

Clear Acrylic Adjustable Slant Board


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Constructed of tough 4.5mm thick clear Acrylic, this adjustable slant board is designed to encourage correct posture and wrist position for writing. Slant boards reduce back, neck, arm and eye fatigue.

This clear acrylic slant board has a working surface of 12” wide by 14” high and will tilt with 12 different positions from 15 degrees (4” high) for writing and to 60 degrees (12” high) for reading. It also has 4 strong Acrylic hinges and 6 clear rubber feet for gripping.  When at its full working height it is 12” tall.  When closed it is 1” thick.  The clip sticks up an additional 1.5”.  If fully closed it will slide into a drawer or if fully opened it will hang on a wall for easy storage.

There are six silicon rubber "feet” to assure a positive grip for non-slip usage.

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