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Coffre a Outils: Pour Enseignants, Parents et Eleves

Coffre a Outils: Pour Enseignants, Parents et Eleves


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Manel pour Faciliter l'Auto Regulation.  Complement de nos cassettes video "Tools for Teachers et Tools for Students"

French version of "Tool Chest: For Parents, Teachers and Students handbook.

The perfect companion to Tools for Teachers™ and Tools for Students™ videos/dvds, this handbook is excellent for individuals or groups. The Tool Chest™ handbook is filled with activities and designed to be used at home or at school, with students aged 4-13. As even the most difficult children respond to these techniques, they become happier, more confident, and more accepting of both instruction and others' differences. Tool Chest: for Teachers, Parents and Students™ provides 26 fun, practical, easy to use activities to assist children in developing their optimal range for:

  • Paying attention - focusing
  • Performing fine motor skills
  • Improving self esteem
  • Fitting in
  • Loosing 'wiggles'.
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