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Color Bound

Color Bound


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Colour Bound is a tracing and colouring tablet featuring raised boundaries providing tactile feedback to the child to help stay within the lines. Boldly draw pictures incorporate the basic shapes and lines that a child must learn in order to form the letters of the alphabet. Children trace around ½ centimetre pathways with raised line boundaries that form an outline of the picture and then finish the picture by colouring within the boundaries. Its lots of fun!

Colour Bound tracing and colouring activities help develop pre-writing skills, eye-hand coordination, visual perceptual, and visual motor skills. Controlling a writing instrument within narrow pathways is a pre-requisite for accurate letter placement on lined paper and increases precision at fingertips for decreased letter size. Tracing around an area before colouring increases a child’s success of staying within the lines. Colouring within boundaries facilitates the development of writing utensil control. Patent Pending.

Appropriate Pre-K – 2nd Grade. Includes 21 activity sheets. Page Size 12" X 9"

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