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Let's Do it - Write! Copying From the Board

Let's Do it - Write! Copying From the Board


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"Copying from the Board" is part of a series of workbooks geared to develop children’s handwriting skills.

This workbook helps your child or student copy accurately and legibly from the board. Through a series of entertaining and illustrated exercises, children will have fun as they develop better eye-hand coordination, visual and auditory memory and the ability to correct their errors.


It can be used by parents, teachers, and therapists alike.


It offers:

  • Clear and easy instructions
  • Illustrated exercises at different levels of difficulty
  • Practice texts for board-copying
  • An evaluation tool for educators and therapists
  • Sources for referral


The author, Gail Kushnir, is a certified special education teacher, pediatric occupational therapist and international lecturer. She has expertise in the evaluation and treatment of handwriting problems in pre-school and elementary school children and in the development of emotional intelligence in young children.

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