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Robot Flexi Spinner

Robot Flexi Spinner


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This fidget spinner toy can be transformed into different shapes.

It exercises hand-eye coordination and logical thinking ability, and can also promote muscle development.

  • Simply hold the center part of transformable fingertip spinner with two fingers, then rotated it with your other finger or the other hand. Round corner and smooth surface spinners protect your fingers from scratching.
  • To spin the fingertip gyro spinner, simply hold with one hand or spin it on the desk. With practice, fidget spinner toys can be played with only one finger.
  • Fingertip spinners can help relieve anxiety and increase concentration.
  • This fidget is made of six adjustable chains of high-quality plastic, and the center is made of high-quality bearings, which greatly extends its rotation time. Each chain has six movable joints and six small beads at the end.
  • 5" in length
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