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FITball EggBall MAXAFE - Green

FITball EggBall MAXAFE - Green


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Use the FITball EggBall MAXAFE to help develop balance and core strength while providing some sensory fun! Encourage kids to roll on their tummies or balance on their bottoms…one at a time or side by side!

This inflatable 'egg' shaped ball is a great alternative to a standard round exercise ball because it has greater contact with the floor, which provides for increased lateral stability so that children are less likely to roll off the side. The unique wide shape offers enough width and support to accommodate 2 users at once.

Our green EggBall is 45 cm or 18” high (appropriate for individuals under 4’ 8” tall). Note that degree of inflation can be adjusted slightly to accommodate individual size.

Inflates easily with a therapy ball pump, sold separately.

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