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Kids Balance Cushion - Junior (Blue) - OUT OF STOCK

Kids Balance Cushion - Junior (Blue) - OUT OF STOCK


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Turns any chair into an active seat and promotes healthy posture.

Let your little ones get the wiggles out in any seat with this kid-sized Jr. Balance Cushion. Not only does this cushion turn any chair into an active seat, but it also encourages kids to learn and practice healthy posture while benefiting from active sitting. Great for marking the proper spot on the floor during circle time, or for moving from station to station during experiential learning.  Can also be used to put feet on when sitting, to enhance attention as bumps provide tactile input.  Work on balance by standing on it while playing catch or use it as part of an obstacle course. 

Cushion features a bright and fun colour with a textured surface that stimulates blood flow.

Includes an inflation needle for customised firmness.

Ideal for ages 5 to 12.

• Turn any seat into an active one
• Helps kids get the wiggles out
• Encourages healthy posture
• Textured surface stimulates blood flow
• Includes an inflation needle
• Ideal for ages 5 to 12

Measurements: 13" (33cm) diameter.

Latex free

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