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Grotto Pencil Grip

Grotto Pencil Grip


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This ergonomic pencil grip was designed to train the hand muscles to hold a writing utensil a mature tripod grasp. The Grotto Grip® facilitates and supports separation of the two sides of the hand by activating the precision side and stabilizing the power side. The result is pencil power and precision without joint strain and hand fatigue.

With consistent use, the Grotto Grip® trains the hand to form a mature tripod grasp.   Dynamic finger movements lead to more precision, increased writing speed and endurance. 

  • maintains arches in the palm of the hand facilitating dynamic finger movements
  • facilitates an open web space between thumb and index finger
  • firm texture provides tactile feedback
  • for right and left handed writers
  • neon colors appeal to children
  • non-toxic & latex free

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