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Gummi Mat

Gummi Mat


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The Gummi Mat provides a nonslip surface with a "knobby" texture to allow easier pick up of items for those with fine motor problems and those with little fingers.

Flip side is smooth and the soft texture of the mat provides a great surface for encouraging lighter pressure for those who press too hard when writing.

Reversible Mat
  • 15" x 11" self clinging mat
  • Non-slip "knobby" side
  • Makes things easier to pick up.
  • Protect babies from germs.
  • Easily rolls up to go into a bag.
  • Available in green, blue, pink and purple.
  • Safe clean eating mat.
  • Made from TPR, a nontoxic, latex-free, non-pvc, non-phthalate material. BPA free.
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