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Hand Weight

Hand Weight


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Hand weights are recommended for use during fine motor or self-help activities. They provide proprioceptive input, increase sensory feedback, enhance kinesthetic awareness, and can be used for strengthening exercises. Also helpful for individuals who experience tremoring during fine motor tasks.

This Hand Weight is a uniquely designed weighted pouch that rests on the back of the hand. It is held in place by elastic thumb and finger loops and a hook & loop wrist strap, leaving the palm of the hand completely open.

The Hand Weight is constructed of durable, stretch cotton Lycra, lead free steel shot, a hook & loop strip, and uses heavy duty stitching for added durability. Please note that the elastic finger loops used in this product contain LATEX.

The Hand Weight rests on the back of the hand and is held in place by elastic finger loops and a wrist strap. This palm open design allows maximum finger flexibility and wrist mobility. The weight is reversible and can be worn on the back of either hand.

The Hand Weight is available in 5 sizes, which are determined by the width of the hand across the knuckles, with the fingers together and extended (see chart). Sold individually.

Hand washing and air-drying is recommended.

WARNING: This product contains small parts which could present a choking hazard. To insure the safety of the user, adequate supervision is recommended. 
This product contains LATEX.

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