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Leg Weight

Leg Weight


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The Leg Weight is a flexible weighted wrap that is worn around the lower leg.
Leg Weights are sold separately.  Price is per leg weight.

The Leg Weight is a flexible weighted wrap that is worn around the lower leg. It has hook&loop closure straps that keep the weight in place during activities. Designed to allow for maximum flexibility and mobility of the lower leg, it can also be used for various gross motor and strengthening exercises.

  • Provides Proprioceptive Input
  • Help Increase Kinesthetic Awareness
  • Can Be Used For Strengthening Activities
  • Can Be Beneficial For Tremoring

Materials/Construction: The LW is constructed of durable stretch cotton Lycra, lead free steel shot, hook&loop strips, and uses heavy duty stitching for added durability.

Instructions: The LW is worn around the lower leg, and held in place by hook&loop fastening strips. The weight is symmetrical, and can be worn on either leg.

Colors/Size/Packaging: It is available in navy blue. The LW is available in 3 sizes which are determined by a length measurement taken from 2” above the ankle bone to the crease of the knee. Sold individually. 

Comments: Hand washing and air-drying is recommended. WARNING: This product contains small parts which could present a choking hazard. To insure the safety of the user, adequate supervision is recommended.

Length of material of medium leg weight is 9" - without straps, circumfirence is 9" at the bottom and 11" at the top.  Velcro straps are 3" in length.

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