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Line Guide (for acrylic slant board)

Line Guide (for acrylic slant board)


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The line guide was developed for new readers to read more efficiently and be able to read without losing their place on the page as their eyes go from line to line.

The line guide is constructed of 3mm black Acrylic. It is heat formed to clip on to the slant board with a spring action. It is easily operated by placing a finger or two in the center and pressing on it . The action of pressing on it makes it release it's grip on the sides of the slant board. The reader may then easily slide the line guide up and down on the slant board. The line guide fits all 12" wide acrylic slant boards.
The line guide is 1" wide and 12" (32cm) long and weighs 1 oz (26 gm).
Designed for use with our Acrylic slant boards.

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