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Sensory Vibrating Pillow-Touchables Plush

Sensory Vibrating Pillow-Touchables Plush


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Senseez are colorful, lightweight, fun-shaped portable vibrating cushions that
offer a gentle sensation when they are squeezed or sat on, which relaxes,
calms, and soothes the body. People that have trouble sitting for meals,
stories, car rides, shopping trips, school work, office work, movies, or any
other typical day-to-day activities will be comforted by the vibrations of

Perfectly sized for chairs and benches. Your little one will be seated in no time. Children who find it difficult to sit up for meals, stories, car rides, errands, school work, movies or anything else will be comforted by the vibrations of Senseez. While great for any child with energy, the added vibration sensations make Senseez ideal cushions for special needs, especially children with autism, ADHD or processing disorders. sensory. The vibrations can calm children who need more sensory feedback or help train hypersensitive children to tolerate more sensations.

  • Vibrates when kids hug or sit on it, relieving the senses
  • Helps some children calm down, stay seated or even fall asleep!
  • Perfect fuzzy texture for tactile kids, and they'll love having the tail slip through their fingers!
  • Compact and lightweight, in fun colors and shapes kids will want to take anywhere!
  • Recommended ages 3+
  • Senseez cushions are cordless and require two AA batteries (not included)
  • Ideal for children with autism, ADHD or sensory processing disorders
  • Machine washable

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