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Push Down Table Top Scissors

Push Down Table Top Scissors


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These scissors are easy to use.  Push down on the "T" shaped handle. The spring will automatically reopen the scissors once the pressure is released. Ideal for children either with poor strength or who are unable to use scissors with conventional loops.

Place the scissors on the table with one "T" handle flat on the surface. Pushing down on the top "T" handle closes the blades. A discreet spring will automatically reopen the scissors ready for the next cut.

The scissors can be used in two ways: By maintaining the paper in fixed position it can be cut by "scooting" the scissors along the table; alternatively you can keep the scissors still (placing it on a non-skid mat may assist with stability) and moving the paper towards the scissors.

  • Large "T" shaped handles assist with grip and leverage
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Spring automatically reopens the scissors
  • Blade guard supplied for safety;

Recommended for: Weak Grip,Poor Hand Control, Tremor.

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