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Sensory Cuddle Ball

Sensory Cuddle Ball


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By simply squeezing and cuddling the ball, children will experience a deep and calming pressure, that will help them deal with all of the anxiety and stress they are going through.

  • Great as a calming aid to help children relax
  • Applies deep pressure to the sensory system
  • Allow hands and arms to be placed inside providing extra comfort and warmth

Sensory home décor made from the softest lush fabric. Feel calm and safe with our Cuddle Knot Ball. Simply slip your hands through the gaps and push your arms through for a comforting, warm, relaxing sensation. Loved by children and adults, this beautifully made knotted ball is perfect for cuddling and gives you important tactile proprioceptive input - deep pressure - which can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Available in three colours:

Steel Blue, Coral and Grey Birch

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