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Sensory Vibrating Attachables

Sensory Vibrating Attachables


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The NEW SENSEEZ are a soft, handheld vibrating plush sensory tool you can take anywhere!

These are soft, hand sized vibrating plush sensory tools.  They are draw cord operated (no batteries).  Fit into a pocket or clip onto a bag and carry with you anywhere.  They are both fun and give great sensory feedback.  

Use this senseez fidget to apply intense and targeted sensory input or as a fun fidget toy. It fits easily in a bag or pocket for when you’re on the go. It can even be attached to a backpack or zipper!

Just pull the string to activate and feel the gentle vibration for about 2 seconds. This high-quality plush toy is a smart addition to our other sensory tools from Senseez.

Gentle vibrations like from this fidget are a great way to introduce vibrations to children with sensory stimulus processing problems or sensitivities. The Senseez Attachables Vibration is a wonderful sensory tool that will help children calm anxiety, calm hyperactivity and create a focused mind.

Size: about 10 x 7 x 4.5 cm

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