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Shape builders Learn to Draw

Shape builders Learn to Draw


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Shape Builders Learn to Draw teaches children how to draw more complex objects by breaking the each drawing into a series of basic lines and shapes. The child follows a sequence of simple drawings in which each new simple line or shape is added to form a more complex whole. Children get practice forming all the basic lines and shapes necessary to learn to form letters while creating and colouring their own pictures!

While creating sep-by-step drawings children get practice forming all the pre-writing shapes that are necessary to form the capital letters of the alphabet. Visual cues indicating where to start a line and arrows cuing directionality build a foundation for proper writing habits;  children learn to make vertical and diagonal lines from top-to-bottom, circles in a counter clockwise direction from the top and horizontal lines from left-to-right.

Appropriate Pre-K – 1st Grade. Includes 21 activity sheets. Page Size 10" X 8"

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