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Alphabet BubbleBrix

Alphabet BubbleBrix


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Children can have fun while learning with Alphabet BubbleBrix! This unique educational toy allows kids to press a letter block, hear and feel it pop, and practice identifying its name and sound. They can then snap the block to another one to form simple words and practice reading and spelling. With 42 Alphabet BubbleBrix, a storage bucket with handle, and an activity guide filled with early literacy activities, this toy provides a fun and engaging way for children to improve their literacy skills.

  • Spark More Confidence! Boost confidence with core learning toys that build the skills kids need for school success
  • Fidget fun meets early literacy! Press a letter block, feel it pop, practice its name and the sound it makes, then connect it to another letter block to build simple words and practice reading and spelling
  • Perfect for fidgety fingers - busy preschoolers who can't sit still love learning and building with sensory stimulating Alphabet BubbleBrix
  • This set includes 42 BubbleBrix in a handled storage bucket and an activity guide packed with early reading activities
  • Little learners can play their way to letter learning, word building, and spelling, building the confidence they need to succeed at school
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