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Tangle Original with Texture

Tangle Original with Texture


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The fun, twisty thing. Tangle is comprised of a patented system of rotating interconnecting links. It can be twisted, turned, bent, coiled, and shaped into a myriad of your own creative visions. This Tangle has different textures on the links. Some have coils, smooth, small bumps, or little bumps on the link surface. The possibilities are endless on what you can do with your Tangle. Ages 3 and up.

Tangles make great hand fidgets for children who are hyperactive and have difficulty with focus and attention. These durable hand fidgets provide tactile and visual sensory stimulation, often promoting emotional regulation in the child with special needs.

The original Tangle with Texture has fun colors and 5 wonderful textures adding great play value as an educational toy or puzzle.

Tangle products are lead free, latex free and do not contain phthalates.

*Made of 18 interconnected 2.5" pieces *Multi-colored and textured

Note: For ages 3 yrs. And up

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