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The Wiggly Scarecrow CD: Songs for Sensational Kids

The Wiggly Scarecrow CD: Songs for Sensational Kids


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A great CD for parents, teachers, and therapists, children are sure to be inspired to dance and sing along to the tunes of the guitar.

Author(s): Coles Whalen

Singer/songwriter Coles Whalen put her vocal talents to work in songs that are effective and a joy to listen to. The funky western sound of "Dancing Cowboy Rodeo" will help enhance children's vestibular and proprioceptive functions while the up-tempo beat of "The Wishy Washy Men" can be used to teach children to keep movements and voices in control as an activity gets faster and faster. The Wiggly Scarecrow helps children understand their uniqueness and builds self-esteem as they learn the lyrics and sing with confidence.

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