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Twist & Flex (Twist 'n Bend) Bar

Twist & Flex (Twist 'n Bend) Bar


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These twist & flex bars are a lightweight, portable exerciser designed to strengthen muscles in the hand, wrist, arm and shoulder.

Also promotes coordination and increases ROM. Use for soft tissue and joint mobilization.

Ideal to treat and resolve the golfers and tennis elbow. This efficient product is developed to focus on hand, arm and shoulder problems. Allows flexion, extension, adduction and abduction exercises.

  • Has a ridged surface for enhanced grip during use.
  • Suitable for bending, twisting, and oscillating movements.
  • Consistent bar diameter and length throughout resistances means you use the same muscles with each resistance.
  • Use a single resistance or progress through 6 resistance levels.
  • xx-light  tan
  • x-light    yellow
  • light       red   
  • medium green
  • heavy    blue SPECIAL ORDER
  • x-heavyblack SPECIAL ORDER
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