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Weight for Pencil

Weight for Pencil


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This Weight for Pencil helps to assist in sensory-motor planning. It provides feedback for those with difficulty in fine motor skills. The O-rings secure the weights and allow positioning anywhere on the writing instrument. 

It's time to wake up those hands and forearms! This pencil weight is perfect for sluggish or sloppy writers. To help counter balance the nervous system, the 1.5 ounce weight is the perfect amount of heaviness to provide the additional input needed for quality writing improvement. The weights can easily be slipped onto any standard pencil. They are kept in place through a series of secured rubber bands. 


  • Supports sensory integration and improves fine motor control
  • Comes with Non-Slip Cover for the weight - Colours may vary 
  • Includes 1 pencil weight, each with 2 rings to keep weights in place
  • Weights are approximately 1.5 ounces
  • Age 4+
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