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Super Wikki Stix

Super Wikki Stix


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You know Wikki Stix ! You love Wikki Stix! And you've been asking for them in longer lengths.... and here they are! Now in 3-foot lengths!!!

Ideal for ages 3 and up Wikki Stix contain no latex or any peanut or nut oil.

Three foot sections.... in six bright neon colors! 24 feet of each color, for a total of 144 feet of Wikki Stix! All in a clear plastic tube that you can re-use for storage. Wikki Stix do not contain latex, gluten, nor any peanut or other nut oils or byproducts.

Remember, Wikki Stix stick without paste or glue so there is no mess!

Small Parts - not for children under 3 years.

Soft and pliable, Wikki Stix can be used by small fingers for all kinds of fine motor skills... from learning to form letters and numbers to simple grip and finger strengthening exercises. These same concepts are applicable for arthritic fingers as well.

A few ideas to try:

Perfect for making a raised border to show where to start and stop on the paper.... and to make coloring inside the lines easier.

Wrap a Wikki around the base of a pencil for use as a grip; also a reminder to "hold it down low".

Wikki Stix are a quiet and creative fidget tool, providing a calming effect which may help children better focus on classroom activities.

Use for prewriting strokes, as well as to practice letter formation. Wikki Stix can also be used to trace prewriting shapes (especially good on laminated paper to be used repeatedly.)

Create letters and numbers out of Wikki Stix and have student run his/her fingers over them for tactile input.

Write a letter or number on the chalkboard and have students reproduce the same design using Wikki Stix.

Use Wikki Stix to make borders when handwriting, to keep letters on the line, as well as to indicate where to start and stop on the paper.

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